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Republic Road Easy Cleanse Disc

Republic Road Easy Cleanse Disc

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The Easy Cleanse Disc 

The dirt and the grind of your daily journeys is simply washed away with the new Republic Road Easy Cleanse Disc….so special it can be used with just warm or cool water to effortlessly remove the remnants of your day. 

Replace those disposable wipes and long cleansing routines with our environmentally friendly black microfibre disc. 

The dark colour doesn’t stain or discolour, and the supersoft microfibre and water combo is the simplest of ‘cleansing routines’ 

We love how this easy cleanse Disc removes your makeup with just water (although you can use it with a cleanser too!) 

Its suitable for all skin types and perfect for nights away 

Machine washable (because babe, you know simplicity is our thing) 

You'll know when to replace this disc as it won't be ‘quite to so soft anymore - (around 200 washes ) 

Enjoy how quick and simple your routine will be and get on with more important journeys. 

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if you have heard the saying 'when you buy from a small, local business a real person does a happy dance' ? this is so true!!

To top it off - ALL of the brands and products available at The Pop Up Boutique are female led... and while we don't like to discriminate, (we love locally owned, male led businesses too!) we also understand that these female business owners are leading the way within their families, staff and communities.

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