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A diagnosis of dementia deeply affects each and every one it touches.

Dementia is a challenge to one’s identity, but when we accept that identity is born from our connection and relationships with people, we can live knowing that dementia does not change ours, or our loved ones place in the world.

A magnolia inspires, due to its ability to survive and adapt to its everchanging environment, representing stability grace and dignity the magnolia is symbolized in Dementia New Zealands’ Still Me campaign.

Wear this Still Me piece as a symbol of the love and courage it takes to walk as or beside someone with dementia. Proceeds of the sale of this piece goes to providing life changing therapies for those living with dementia in New Zealand.

Still Me.

 I am still me, let go of expectation and lets just be.

I designed this piece, based on the evolving bud of a Magnolia,I chose the bud to represent the freedom and acceptance that letting go of expectation can bring to any of life’s challenging circumstances, including a diagnosis of dementia.The Magnolia bud is presented as beautiful, tight layers that unfurl gently from a strong spine, seemingly without order or expectation.Released from these confines, the magnolia blooms, promising indeterminate beauty.Made from beautiful quality rhodium plated, sterling silver, finished with a high polish, the Magnolia bud conceals a delicate engraving of the words Still Me- a reminder to let go of expectation and appreciate the beauty of the moment.

Rachel @themintrepublic



A diagnosis of dementia deeply affects each and every one it touches.

Dementia is a challenge to one’s identity, it may impact the way others see us and the way we see ourselves. Many of those living with dementia feel denied of their abilities to participate within the community as they have before their diagnosis, for fear of the unknown as their condition progresses.

 Dementia New Zealand, have challenged themselves to create and awareness of the condition, and educate and encourage our New Zealand community to see those with dementia as the person and not the diagnosis.  In doing so, there is understanding that there are practical steps that can be taken to considerately identify those with dementia in a community situation.

Dementia New Zealand in collaboration with The Mint Republic, have created a practical unisex bracelet that can be worn, and used to help identify those affected by dementia in the community, should the need arise.  Dementia New Zealand have undertaken an education campaign, coupled with the launch of the bracelet, which educates members of the wider community , such as police, ambulance, medical, transportation staff, and staff highly visited areas such as shopping destinations and recreational spaces, which not only highlights this unique identifying tool, but brings about awareness and acceptance of dementia in real life.