In a world full of choices, the founder of Santosa, Katie found herself drawn to making healthier ones, particularly when it came to what she ate,  purchased and the products she used. Katie realised that what you put on your body could have as much impact as what you put in it. Important not only for herself, but for her family and home.

So Katie began looking back at a time when things were simpler, life was simpler. A time before cheap substitutes and profit margins got in the way.

She sought to create a versatile product range with only safe, natural and nourishing ingredients. Doing away with the need for multiple cleaning products that each promised to do only one thing.

She settled on just a few quality ingredients. Ingredients carefully brought together with therapeutic essential oils to become effective cleaning products.

The best bit? They’re kind to the planet, and most importantly, to you.

Free from harsh chemicals, preservatives, palm oil and synthetic fragrances these products are good for the body. But, going a step further, to also look after the mind.

Each Santosa product seeks to become little reminders during a hectic day – to slow down, be mindful and even to just breathe.